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Top Ten Washing Machines in India for All Budgets: Reviews and Buying Guides

Gone are those days when people used to wash their clothes and other laundry items using their hands. The latest innovation and modern technology have changed everything, the creation of the washing machines has the power to take care of all your cloth fabric; from organic clothes to linen wear.

If you are looking for the best-valued washing machine to make your life easier and convenient when it comes to laundry, then this article might help you. Read on for more details about the best washing machines for 2020, and complete your shopping with ease of efficiency!

These high-performance machines are built with quality and high standards. There are plenty number of washing machine options available in the market to choose from and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. We evaluate the best washing machine upon various factors which include –

  • How efficiently a machine clean and remove dirty stains
  • The water and energy consume capability
  • Gentleness on the cloth fabric
  • Whether a machine has specialty cycles or not for heavy and quick wash
  • Sanitizing cleaning cycle is available or not
  • NSF certification to ensure that machines are safe to use, include quality and sustainability, perform without any hassle
  • Ease of operation like how easy it is to open or close and how responsive it is depending on the laundry quantity
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Top 10 Washing Machines to Buy in 2020
1. Samsung Top load Fully-Automatic 6.2 Kg Washing Machine WA62M4100HY/TL
2. Haier Top Load Fully-Automatic 6 Kg Washing Machine HWM60-10
3. Whirlpool Top Load Semi Automatic 5 Star 7 Kg Washing Machine ATOM 7.0
4. Bosh Front Load Fully Automatic 7 Kg Washing Machine
5. IFB Front Load Fully Automatic 6 Kg Washing Machine Aqua SX
6. LG Top Load Fully Automatic 5 Star Smart Inverter Washing Machine – T65SKSF4Z
7. Onida Washer only With 6.5 Kg Capacity – WS65WLPT1LR
8. Godrej Top Load Fully Automatic 7 Kg Washing Machine WT EON 700 A GP
9. Intex Top Load Semi Automatic 6.2 Kg Washing Machine – WMS62TL
10. AmazonBasics Top Load Semi Automatic 8 Kg Washing Machine
How Washing Machine Works?
Washing Machine Buying Guidelines
Things You Need to Take Care While Using a Washing Machine
It’s Time to Decide!!

Best 5 Fully Automatic Washing Machine India

Here is the best sort of Washing machine details, which will help you to find out good reliable, enough efficient, and under the budget machines.

Samsung Top load Fully-Automatic 6.2 Kg Washing Machine WA62M4100HY/TL

When it comes to electronic devices and gadgets, Samsung manufacturers (South Korean Company) are the top load washers and dryers in the Indian market because of their high efficiency, a large number of custom cycles, and high-tech designs. Besides their unique features, quality and incredible versatility can make doing your laundry faster and easier.

Image Source = Amazon

Their year of experience, brand value, and uses of the latest technology are the main reasons for opting for this manufacturer. In recent times, all these machines come with artificial intelligence which improves the quality function of the machines

There are multiple designs available in the market, but Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine is the popular one. Opting for this fully automatic machine will clean your clothes efficiently while saving both your time and effort. Know the pros and cons of this machine before you bring them at home –

6.2kg capacity makes it suitable for washing clothes for small families or 2-3 members. Due to the compression procedure, this unit system can prevent the leakage of refrigerants.
Comes with special features such as new LED display (user-friendly), diamond drum (prevent damage to clothes), waterfall (washes clothes thoroughly), Air Turbo, Auto restart, and Magic Filter. Do not use any technology to handle the pressure of hard water or extremely low water.
Comes with a total of six cycles to wash all type of your clothes smoothly- Blanket, delicates, eco tub clean (keeps the tub clean without chemicals), normal, quick wash, soak plus normal Display visibility problem when operating in the sunlight.
Highly energy-efficient
Quieter operation
Uses of Tempered Glass Door gives more visibility and long-lasting durability.
Comes with 2 years of warranty on product and 2 years additional on the motor.

Haier Top Load Fully-Automatic 6 Kg Washing Machine HWM60-10

As one of the world’s top-renowned home appliance companies, Haier brings value and quality products to your house. Their excellence in delivering highly functional washing machines make your living style easier and much more worthy. There are three main reasons for getting Haier washing machines – simple control, smart operation (WiFi Connected and Smartphone accessed), and unique configuration.

Image source = Amazon

All the machines provided by Haier are extremely functional and versatile to use and among all the products, this 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is running the market. This powerful and high-performing machine equipped with Fuzzy Logic which gives you effective wash and control. Specially designed with a stainless-steel drum which makes them suitable for heavy loads and regular use.

6kg capacity makes the machine ideal for small families. Control panel needs improvement.
The special feature includes Self Diagnostic, Rust free Body, Memory Backup
800 RPM delivers efficient cleaning
Six washing programs available to fulfill all your washing needs
Digital display panel and control buttons offer you convenience while doing the laundry
Comes with 2 years of warranty on product and 5 years on motor
Value for money

Bosh Front Load Fully Automatic 7 Kg Washing Machine

Bosch is one of the well-known washing machine manufacturers around the world, popular for delivering reliable and effective products at very reasonable prices. This brand specializes in integrating modern technology in their machines that can save both water and electricity while providing excellent results, saving people time and effort.

Image Source = Amazon

Bosch machines come with some exciting features and innovative solutions to make washing clothes an enjoyable experience. This particular fully automatic front-loaded machine is perfect for medium-sized family and their incredible functions make them a durable and practical choice in most of the homes.

The fully-automatic front-loading washing machine comes with expert wash care to remove all the dirty elements from the clothes Little expensive compared to other brands
Offers fastest washing results to save time. Service is not up to the mark
Comes with 15 washing programs for efficient and smooth cleaning
Low-noise level, AntiVibration Design ensures a vibration-free mechanism which ensures the durability of the product
Low water pressure
Comes with VarioDrum feature which is designed to be tough on stains and gentle on your clothes
Save water and energy.
2 years warranty on the product and 10 years on the motor

IFB Front Load Fully Automatic 6 Kg Washing Machine Aqua SX

Everyone wants a washing machine that is energy efficient and time-consuming, and IFB washing machines are designed to fulfill the Indian household needs. This brand holds the credit of launching India’s first Front Load machine. The inclusion of creation and technology makes them reliable, feasible, and incredibly versatile when it comes to deep cleaning.

Image Source = Amazon

The 2D Wash ensures effective washing and removing the dirty stains while being gentle on the clothes. This fully automatic machine is popular for delivering dynamic wash experience. Learn more about the advantages of this IFB machine before giving it a try.

The fully-automatic front load washing machine comes with Energy and Water efficient capability Makes a little noise while operating
800 RPM enables faster drying time
15 wash programs for high performance
Comes with special features like Crescent Moon Drum (prevents damage to fabrics), Ball Valve Technology (enhance washing process), auto balance system
Aqua Energie filter treatment dissolves detergent better to give clothes a softer wash.
Comes with VarioDrum feature which is designed to be tough on stains and gentle on your clothes
Save water and energy.
4 years warranty on the product and 4 years on the motor

LG Top Load Fully Automatic 5 Star Smart Inverter Washing Machine – T65SKSF4Z

If you are looking for quality and versatile washing machine over anything, then LG should be your first choice. Their range of products in different budgets will match the needs of every homeowner. The company incorporates the latest cleaning and steam technologies to make the machines highly efficient in saving both water and energy.

Image Source = Amazon

Their years of experience and trustworthy service make this manufacturing brand elegant and distinct. This new innovation by LG uses smart inverter and energy-saving technology to control the use of energy. If you want to make your washing experience better, then this 5 start fully automatic top loading machine will fulfill that.

Fully-Automatic Top Loading Machine with 5-star energy rating that assures quality and high energy-efficiency Till now no cons found
780 rpm, higher spin speeds helps in faster drying, save time
Auto-restart feature available
Excellent washing performance, powerful wash removes the toughest dirt
6 washing programs available to wash the clothes smoothly and efficiently
Less noise and vibration
2 years warranty on the product and 10 years on the motor

Godrej Top Load Fully Automatic 7 Kg Washing Machine WT EON 700 A GP

If you are looking for time-saving and quality washing performance along with reliability and flexibility, then Godrej washing machines are one of the best choices. They are designed with simple yet versatile technology to make it user-friendly for all the customers. The unique configuration, key features, and other important factors make this washing machine brand to rank in the Indian market.

Image Source = Amazon

This particular fully automatic top loading washing machine is designed to suit the family of 5-6 members who wash, soak, and dry your clothes at the press of a simple button. The intelligent micro-computer controls ensure a perfect wash. Their smooth and quiet operation make them a brilliant choice to buy.

i-wash technology: simple yet powerful washing process with high effectiveness Heavyweight compared to other products
5 wash programs provide complete convenience  
2 years warranty on the product and 2 years on the motor  
Auto-restart option is available

Best 4 Semi-Automatic Washing Machine India

Whirlpool Top Load Semi Automatic 5 Star 7 Kg Washing Machine ATOM 7.0

This is another international popular brand leading the Indian market. Innovation, the advancement of technology, and simplicity are the key points of this manufacturing brand.

Image source = Amazon

Whirlpool washing machines help you to complete your laundry with minimum effort and less time. Get this particular slim, semi-automatic, top loader machine from Whirlpool at a very reasonable price and make your daily laundry work easier.

The capacity level is 7kg, semi automatic top loading machine Because of the semi automatic feature, the machines do not offer comfort and convenience as a full-automatic machine do
3 wash programs available (Delicate, Normal and Heavy) and can be customized as per the needs  
Comes with 66L Large washtub with Deep wash system for effortless cleaning  
Spin speed is 1400 RPM that offers superior drying of clothes  
TurboScrub technology and smart scrub station allow efficient cleaning in every wash and remove all the dirt  
The machine can be moved in anywhere in your home because of the 4-wheels  

Intex Top Load Semi Automatic 6.2 Kg Washing Machine – WMS62TL

Intex washing machines are always high in demand because of its incredible performance, product excellence, and brand equity. Manufacturers always focus on customers’ needs and always deliver quality service. Bring these amazing tech featured machines at home and see the difference while doing the laundry work. This semi-automatic top-loading machine comes with fantastic control and feature options to deliver the best washing experience.

Image Source = Amazon
Comes with 2 wash programs Warranty issues
Smart power saving  
Excellent power wash with enhanced washing and load capacity
2 years warranty on the product

AmazonBasics Top Load Semi Automatic 8 Kg Washing Machine

If you are looking for semi-automatic washing machines and don’t want to compromise on wash quality, AmazonBasics can be a perfect choice at an affordable price. The elegant design and simple functions make them user-friendly. The load capacity of this particular AmazonBasics washing machine is 8kg which is suitable for big families. Like other washing machines, these ones also come with the latest technologies and filters which make them incredible and highly efficient.

Image Source = Amazon

Look at the pros and cons before buying them –

Pulsator technology ensures quick washing and drying A separate spin tub is provided for drying which can be a hassle
In-build Scrubber option remove the tough dirt  
Highly efficient and durable  
Faster drying technology which saves time  
Quality product at a reasonable price  
2 years warranty on product and 5 years on motor  

Onida Washer only With 6.5 Kg Capacity – WS65WLPT1LR

Onida is one of the most trusted brands amongst the top 30 Indian manufacturing brands as per the Brand Trust Report published in 2014. This manufacturing company is slowly gaining its popularity because of delivering quality products and excellence in including the latest technology for better performance. For those who give importance to brand value, opting for this washing machine brand can be the best decision.

Image Source = Amazon

Recently, Onida won the “Award for Excellence in Electronics” by the Ministry of Information Technology for its high-quality service and work efficiency. Their different range of washing machines will surely meet the budget for every homeowner. This 6.5kg washer is a unique creation by Onida, which is featured with modernity and feasibility to make your laundry experience best. Know what is best in this particular machine before you think of buying them.

Powerful washing performance, wash and clean clothes in less time Only washer, no dryer available
6.5kg washing capacity
The compact and sleek design makes them useful for small space
Easily movable
The machine is made with Anti-Rust Fibre Body which ensures longevity
Comes with a 1-year warranty and 6 years on the motor

These are the top recommended washing machines available on Amazon. We can assure you that buying these machines won’t disappoint you, and most important they won’t break your bank budget as they are highly reasonable and comes with exciting deals and discounts. Before you buy anything, ask yourself a few questions, like – what is the requirement? Do you need the machine for regular use? What is the capacity you are looking for (depending on the count of your family members)? Once you get all the answers, it will be easier for you to pick the right one.

How Washing Machine Works?

Before you buy a washing machine, it is equally important to know how it works that will make easier for you to operate. Go through the below guidelines to know about the working mechanism, how to maintain it, and how to fix it.

Parts of Washing Machines:

  • Water Container also called a tub
  • Drum (fits inside the tub)
  • Electrically operated valves (lets water into the drum)
  • Motor to move the drum
  • Pump to drain water
  • A programmer to control the switching of various components

What a programmer does?

It is the brain of the washing machine. After selecting the desired settings for your clothes, it will start working. It controls the operations of the amount of water to be taken, the time duration for the drum movement during the wash and spin process, the operation of a pump to drain water at different times of wash cycles.

Work Mechanism of Washing Machine 

  • Switch on the machine and set the programmer as per your needs. Make sure you shut the door properly and open it once the process is finished
  • Now, the programmer will start working. The valves will allow water to fill the drum, the water entering the drum will compress air in a pressure chamber. On the other side, fill detergent or liquid solution in the detergent tray
  • The heating elements will increase the temperature of water to the programmed level
  • The motor will turn the drum at a certain speed and the process of washing clothes will start
  • When the motor is switched off, the pump will drain the dirty water out from the tub
  • After the hot wash, the cold valve will open to protect the cloth fabrics from damage. And the process of rinse will start
  • After completing this cycle, the last spin cycle starts. The motor will turn the drum at higher speed and at the same time, the pump will extract the excess water from the cloth and drain out
  • After the drum stops spinning, you can open the lid of the machine to check how efficiently the machine has removed all the stains and dirt from your clothes

Washing Machine Buying Guidelines

We believe that washing machines are a one-time investment, so consider the below factors before purchasing a new product –

  • What is Kg. Capacity of a Washing Machine?

Capacity refers to the weight of dry clothing you need to wash in one load or cycle. It is denoted in kilograms and it varies from 5kg to 14kg to meet every household need. Does the capacity depend on how big is your family? How often you wash clothes? What types of clothes do you wash? Don’t get confuse capacity with the actual weight of the product machine.

  • Difference Between Top Load and Front Load

As the name suggests, the front load washing machines refer to the loading of the clothes from the front portion and top load washing machines denote the loading of the clothes from the top portion. In India, top load machines are extremely popular and in recent days, people are going for front load machines as well due to extra advantages. Even Top loading washing machines require more water compared to front-loading machines which mean wastage of water. But putting or removing clothes in top-load machines is easy and convenient.

Front-load washing machines have more wash programs and drying speed is more but they consume more power which can increase your home’s utility bills.

  • Difference Between Semi-Automatic vs Fully Automatic Washing Machines

 When we use the word ‘Automatic’ in the context of the washing machine, it means the machine not only washes the clothes but also extracts the excess water from the clothes while drying them.

The fully automatic machines take care of all the factors like washing, spinning, and drying of the clothes. And a semi-automatic washing machine has two tubs, after washing the clothes in one tub, you have to manually put the clothes in another tub for drying.

Things You Need to Take Care While Using a Washing Machine

  • Don’t overload: The cloth weight you want to put for washing is equal to the capacity level of the machine. If it is more then the machine won’t work properly and your clothes will be dirty.
  • Make sure you shut the lid or door of the machine properly before starting the programmer. But leave the door open for a few minutes after washing.
  • Choose the right detergent and clean the detergent dispenser every time after wash.
  • Clean the filters from time to time.
  • Inspect the hoses, make sure there is no crack or damage.
  • Wipe down the drum, gasket, and the door every month.

Following these things will keep your machine maintained for a long-time without any fail while washing the clothes properly and effortlessly.

It’s Time to Decide !!

Washing machines are not only considered as a luxurious appliance, but they are also a necessary product for our daily living. Now, you are aware of the best washing machines of 2020 available in India along with their work functionality, buying guidelines along with the great features, all these help you to find out the right product that will make your laundry experience magical. So, what are you waiting for? Browse all the unique and efficient washing machines now and make your cupboard clean and dirt-free. If you have any queries, comment below and we will get back to you asap with the best possible solution!

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